Alan and Esteli, pleased to meet you!

We are Alan an Esteli, the driving forces behind At Divers Choice Curaçao! That is, if you don’t count our dog and crewmember, Taylor the Sailor.

Although both of us were born and raised on beautiful Curaçao, we traveled, worked and lived in many places all over the world. However, nowhere did we find a place so special and magnificent as our island…

Come with us and discover Curaçao

Our love for the island has brought us back to our roots. With a mission. We love to use our passion for diving to introduce you to Curaçao and all her beauty and treasures.

More than just introduce you, we want you to experience the island. The culture of the friendly and hospitable people, the perfect climate, the fantastic beaches… and most of all, the breathtaking azure sea and amazing underwater world. That is our job, our mission and our passion!

Dive into paradise

Together we explore the amazing underwater world around the island. What is the best way to go for you and your group; a boat trip, a diving course, or any of our other boating/diving activities? Whatever it is; we would love to take you on an adventure.

As thoroughbred Curaçaoans, we highly value a personal approach and will make your stay unforgettable. Professionalism and fun are our core business, as we too experience so much joy from the adventures we embark on with our customers. And that is exactly where we make the difference!

Safety first

We will make your boating or diving experience a fabulous one. This includes safety.

We and our staff have all the necessary training, experience and expertise to guide you and keep you safe. Both for first-time and experienced divers. We use only professional gear of superior quality for extra comfort.

So, get on board of the Santis Wave Runner and let the adventure begin!

To truly discover the beauty of Curaçao, come to At Divers Choice Curaçao!

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