2 Tank Boat Dive

USD 105.00

Discover the amazing underwater world in Curaçao during our remarkable diving trips with a varied collection of colorful fish, coral reefs, sea turtles and other marine life.

Night Dive

USD 75.00

You may wonder why some scuba divers dive at night. One of the several reasons is because of how at night ever familiar spots can look completely foreign and new.

Shore Dive

USD 63.00

It’s definitely no wonder Curaçao is considered one of the best shore diving locations in the world. Here you have absolute freedom to roam to whichever shore you please.


Open Water Diver

USD 450.00

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

Adventure Diver

USD 250.00

There’s a long list of scuba adventures you can take part in during this program. Complete three Adventure Dives and you earn the Adventure Diver certification.

Skin Diver

USD 65.00

Learn snorkeling and skin diving techniques including checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives.

Discover Scuba Diving

USD 75.00

You would like to make a real dive, but you are not yet ready to take a full dive course. Beautiful! Then the Discover Scuba Diving program is exactly for you.



We believe that even if you don't own all of your own diving equipment, you should be able to rent good quality, high performance scuba gear. We have everything you need.